The Shift

The shift to being a full time artist, how does one get here? It is probably different for everyone but for myself and others I have talked to, their is a shift in who we are, what we want. No longer could my being do things I didn't want to, my hands and mind craved to be connected through creating. I found myself saying everyday that all I wanted was to do art.

I had myself a comfortable life, everything was provided, it was not an easy life, worked hard for it. Squeezed in art time in when I could, like most of us. Had a little corner in my house devoted to my art, made it work. One day I left everything, I no longer fit into a life that had become routine, something else was pulling at me. I had no idea where I was heading, where I would end up. Took what art I could with me to work through the pain of leaving, the shift. 

I found myself buying a 6' x 10' shed, rooted in on my parents land and set up an art studio. My world fit into this little space, it was all I needed. It became the home where my heart dwelled. I painted, and painted new artwork while juggling the old life that i was barely hanging onto. I dreamed of where this would take me, kept working, painting and sharing. 

Dreams got bigger, opportunities placed into my lap like sweet gifts from the universe. I stepped into new door openings, not knowing where they would lead but there was a peace in these openings. As my heart broke it also got bigger, more creating more sharing. 

Into this new year my art has become my priority, found a new art home. I no longer have that sweet little shed, but an entire room in my house, nestled in the trees. I have created a collective space with some other talented artists in downtown Flagstaff. Now when I say I am going to work, it involves bringing in art brushes and paint, sitting down to focus in on my artwork, nothing better than this. This not an easy path, will take a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication to maintain but when you know what you want you can do what it takes to make it happen. Learning to trust in myself has been the biggest lesson in this shift. May you all find that home where your heart dwells.